From visioning, through delivery, to signing off closing reports – Cultura Curiosa can accompany you as you plan and realise your next multi-stakeholder project or learning programme.  Need help figuring out how to structure the partnerships?  How to creatively engage with diverse interests?    We can help you.  Get in touch below. 

Some previous projects include:

Instituto Arte Itaporanga       Programme development ‘Aprendiz’  2012‘.  Programme development ‘Ciranda de Valores’ 2014, 2015

Through art, the IAI enables access to education and culture for underprivileged children and youth from Bahia, Brazil, equipping them with powerful tools for social transformation. 

Monde par La Main       Project development (Brazil) and strategic development to the organization (Canada). Sectors of intervention are education, health and nutrition, in women’s empowerment and in transformation through social art.

Waterlution         Development and delivery of learning programme at residential Lab (Canada 2010).  Partnership and programme development for upcoming residential learning Lab (Brazil 2017)

SHAPE   Created and delivered on 12 week Arts Criticism training course for disabled writers

Jacksons Lane Theatre  Produced and delivered a programme of disability and deaf arts. Delivered and produced a calendar of emerging artists support programme and performance events.