Since 1996, Dawn has been working as a freelance performer, diretor and workshop leader creating theatrical and cross-artform performance work with people aged 2-92, numbering  from 2 to 200.  

At the heart of Dawn’s practice is an unlocking of imaginative responses to themes and stimuli in a way that reflects the identities and diversity of the people making the work.

A great curiosity of Dawn’s is, and always has been, about the creative potential that differences offer. A rehearsal room, studio or chosen space with people from different disciplines focused on a collective process for her is the best place in the world.

‘I try to make work that offers more than a naturalistic reflection of life, work that is physically and visually surprising, that is dramatically compelling and provocative for the audience and performers alike. I like to mix up artists from different disciplines in the same process - actors, musicians, dancers, circus and martial arts practitioners, puppeteers, writers, professionals and first time performers. I like to tell unlikely stories that touch on something universal and relevant.’

Dawn was founder and director of Rough Cut Theatre in London in addition to her freelance work.  


Everything I have done in my career to date has been about a collective process.   Collaboration. I come from a background of devised physical theatre where the process of creation depends 100% on the commitment and participation of all the artists involved in order to create something relevant, aesthetically aligned and that is of excellent quality.

Partners include: National Centre for Circus Arts, Jacksons Lane Theatre, Theatre Royal Stratford East, Artsdepot, Eastside Education, Creative Partnerships, Queens Theatre Hornchurch, Rise Phoenix, Galloglass Theatre, Barretstown Gang Camp.


Here you will find some reviews, photos and video links of shows that I have performed in and directed.